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On Friday, CPS Energy of San Antonio, Texas made the claim to reporters that their “smart” meters only transmit once every four hours:

“Where typical analog meters get checked once a month or so by a meter reader, the new devices send signals every day.

A spokesman for CPS Energy said the devices emit that signal every four hours, as it checks in with the utility’s headquarters.”

So we decided to take a radio-frequency analyzer and check whether CPS was being honest about the transmission characteristics of its meters.  Turns out, according to our analysis, CPS “smart” meters are sending out intense bursts of microwave radiation at least six times every two minutes not every day, as claimed.

If CPS can’t be straightforward with the public about the specs of its meters, how are people like retired attorney Oliver Holden supposed to trust the company that the meters will not interfere with his pacemaker, a life and death matter?

We measured up to a 325 mw/m2 pulse from the meter.  This is 225 mw/m2 higher than the Russian and Chinese health standard, and hundreds of times higher than have been found to cause health problems in peer-reviewed, published science.

This kind of misrepresentation is endemic within the utility industry.   It’s your home and your community.  It’s your right to say NO! (without any penalty fee!)
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